Fashion Tips – How to Figure Out What Styles Flatter Your Figure Best

Picking the best dress for your body shape is always a challenge. We see this fantastic fashion try it on and find that it not only does not suite our body shape but also feels very uncomfortable. So ultimately what we are looking for is a nice fresh dress that looks good on and we feel comfortable in. As you know if you feel comfortable in a piece of clothing you also look better. Once you can work out what your favourite style is then you will start to feel more comfortable. This will make a huge difference to your wardrobe and the way you look at your dress purchases.

One of the most ageless fashions is the tie dye fashion. As well as that you can find the most comfortable and flattering styles in these tie dye dresses. So, let’s get started if you are very unsure what colour suits you go to your local make-up store. Go to one of the top fashion ones, ask them if they do colour analysis for your toning. Some of these make-up companies do this free if you purchase a couple of items. They will advice you of what colour make-up is great for your skin tone and which colours you should wear for best results.

Armed with this knowledge you will now be able to pick the best colour for your tonings. Leaving only the style of dress that will suit you best. There are a number of ways to do this:

1) Start with the straight figure not a lot of curves – you want to create the look of more curves. Pick a cute little dress with shirring across the top and an empire style waistline. This will accentuate your bust line and creates the fullness over your hips.

2) Next – how to make the most of your pear shaped figure – this can look really Hot in Umbrella Shape dress. This style is small at the top and fuller fabric as it heads to the uneven hemline. This gives you the appearance of being smaller then you maybe and feeling very stylish. Or the tie front halter neck Handkerchief hemline dress, also flowing nicely over the hips.

3) The one figure that can look great in the Kaftan style is the Apple shape. The extra kaftan sleeve fabric allows you to feel free and stylish without being over powering to wear. Wear a long kaftan style top with a nice wide leg pair of pants, and you will feel so feminine. Kaftan tops have a very nice slimming effect, if you feel slimmer in your clothing it radiates through.

4) Last but not least the classic hour glass – the best style if you which to accentuate this shape again is the Umbrella style dress only you wear a belt over it. But if you are not wishing to do this and trying to cover up your curves. The a front tie halter neck Handkerchief hemline dress is great for you, this style flows from directly under the bust line.

These different styles are great to buy online as they generally don’t need to be the exact fit, with them either being wide and flouncy. Or with the shirring allowing you the freedom to be a multiple size fit.